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picture_logo (9K) LIGHT CRUDE OIL  
Technical Specifications Description
Specific Gravity 0.8398
Api at 60º F min. 34 - 5% (astm d-1298)
Water Content by Distilation 0.2 % (astm d-4006)
Pour Pointº F Below 40 (astm d-97)
Sulfur Weight 0.14 % (astm d-139)
Salt Content Parts Per Billion 3.0 (astm d-526)
Reid Vapor Pressure (p.s.i.g) 6.52 (astm d-529)
Kinematic Viscosity @ 39º C 22 (astm d-523)
Distillation Initial Boiling Point (ibp) 35º C
Distill to 75º C Vol. 7%
Distill to 175º C Vol. 35.5%
Distill to 250º C Vol. 51.5%
Distill to 300º C Vol. 60.5%
Colour Dark Brown
  • Market related
  • Generally, buyers agree to a plus or minus 5-10% tolerance level unless
     stipulated otherwise.Shipment will be as per delivery schedule.Payment
     can be made at delivery/destination ports.
  • Bulk Cargo Shipment
  • Buyer issues purchase order (LOI) with Bank Comfort letter(BCL) from
     buyer's Bank to the Seller and Seller Issue Contract.
  • Buyer Signs and accepts this FCO.
  • Seller,issues upfront lifting delivery schedule directly in the name of the
     buyer after the contract is signed within 72 hours or earlier.
  • Buyer establishes payment Instrument: 100% NON TRANSFERABLE
     DLC. No upfront fee or advance payment on any charges.
  • Shipment follows per delivery schedule.
Min.Order Quantity 2,000.000 Barrel(s)
Port Persian Gulf
Payment Term LC
Delivery Time 31 days