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picture_logo (9K) D2 DIESEL GAS OIL  
Technical Specifications Unit Min. Max.
Density@ 20 º C Kg/m3 0 0,840
Colour     1,10
Flash Point,PMMC deg C (ºC) 55 65.0 55 65.0
Kinematic Viscosity @20 deg C CST 3,0 6,0
Pour Point deg C (ºC) (*) -10,0
Cloud Point deg C (ºC) (*) -5,0
Mercaptan Sulphur     0,004
Acidity,Mg/1000 Cm3     5
Iodine Number g/100g   6
Ash %wt   0,01
Total Sulphur %wt 0,005 0,02
Copper Corrosion 3 Hrs@50 deg C (typical) 1 A
CCR on 10% Residues %wt   0.20
Cetane Index   45  
Distillation Range
50% Recovered Volume deg C (ºC)   280
90% Recovered Volume deg C (ºC)   365.7
Bacteria MBC Fibred/it   500
Bacteria CFU Fibred/it   1000
  • Summer from March to October (pp - 5.0 º C)
  • Summer from March to October (cp - 0.0 º C)
  • Winter from November to February (pp - 10.0 º C)
  • Winter from November to February (cp 5.0 º C)
  • Buyer issues purchase order (LOI) with Bank Comfort letter(BCL) from
     buyer's Bank to the Seller and Seller Issue Contract.
  • Buyer Signs and accepts this FCO.
  • Seller,issues upfront lifting delivery schedule directly in the name of the
     buyer after the contract is signed within 72 hours or earlier.
  • Buyer establishes payment Instrument: 100% NON TRANSFERABLE
     DLC. No upfront fee or advance payment on any charges.
  • Shipment follows per delivery schedule.
  • Market related
  • ( + / -5% ) X 5 months minimum order to 300000 Mt (1year) contract price
     at platts.Less discount depending on quantity.
  • Market  Scan "nwe  Cargoes  Cif  Nwe/basis Ara"  per Metric Ton Minus
     discount  Usd  pmt,plus + cost  of  freight to be paid at actual for Oil, per
     standard specification.Seller deals on platts price less discount and their
     terms are non negotiable
Origin US
Payment LC
Delivery 21-31 days
Minimum Order Quantity 30,000 Metric Ton