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picture_logo (9K) CEMENT 42.5 CEM I  

To manufacture  CEM I 42.5 Portland  cement,a  precisely  specified  mixture of raw materials containing limestone,marl,
iron  ore  and  bauxide  is  burned.The produced clinker,together  with  calcium sulfate to control setting,is then ground to
produce  cement  of  the  required  fineness.Up to 5%  of  minor  additional  constituent (limestone) is incorparated at the
rinding stage. CEM I 42,5 R  is  made  from  the same clinker as CEM I 42,5 N but CEM I 42,5 R is more finely ground in
order  to  promote  greater  reactivity.Therefore, CEM I 42,5 R delivers higher early strength without  significant reduction
of setting time.This type of cement is suitable for applications of prefabricated house , pre-tension concrate,art structures
and cast-tunnel applications which are common at the present day at gross house buildings.

Chemical Specifications 42.5 R 42.5 N 42.5 R 42.5 N Testing Method
Insoluble Residue (%) 0.40 0.31 Max.5 Max.5 EN 196-2
Loss of Ignition (%) 2.96 2.75 Max.5 Max.5
Clˉ (%) 0.004 0.006 Max.0.1 Max.0.1 EN 196-2
SO3 (%) 2.81 2.84 Max.4 Max.3.5 EN 196-2
Mechanical and Physical Properties 42.5 R 42.5 N 42.5 R 42.5 N Testing Method
Compressive Strenght 2 Days (MPa) 26.6 24.3 Min.20 Min.10 EN 196-1
Compressive Strenght 28 Days (N/mm²) 51.4 48.5 42.5-62.5 42.5-62.5
Initial Setting Time (Minute) 139 145 Min.60 Min.60 EN 196-3
Autoclave Expansion (mm) 0.30 0.50 Max.10 Max.10
Origin Turkey
Payment Cash and By LC,it depends on the quantity.