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picture_logo (9K) ALUMINIUM INGOT  
Technical Specifications Description
Al 99 - 99.9 % (pure aluminium ingot).
Ingot Weight 20 kg
  • Silvery white aluminum ingot for remelting is produced by molten salt
     electrolysis method using alumina and cryolite.The surface of ingot is
     clean and smooth.
  • Mainly used for melting ingot
  • Discontinuous melting with scrap
  • Easy control and operation
  • Fast melting
  • Used for industry such as automobile,pinning and weaving,electron broadly
     and so on the main models are as follows :

    • al99.90
    • al99.85
    • al99.70a
    • al99.70
    • al99.60
    • al99.50
    • al99.00
Packing 50 ingot in a bundle of 1 metric ton
  • Buyer issues purchase order (LOI) with Bank Comfort letter(BCL) from
     buyer's Bank to the Seller and Seller Issue Contract.
  • Buyer Signs and accepts this FCO.
  • Seller,issues upfront lifting delivery schedule directly in the name of the
     buyer after the contract is signed within 72 hours or earlier.
  • Buyer establishes payment Instrument:100% NON TRANSFERABLE DLC.
     No upfront fee or advance payment on any charges.
  • Shipment follows per delivery schedule.
Origin Canada
Payment LC,TT
Delivery Time 31 days
Min.Order Quantity 100 Metric ton