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  • We are both a trader and also an agent company which is working with many turkish factories in
     Turkey.We can supply you with every kind of product you will ask from Turkey.
  • We are working with factories in China,India and other countries.If you have any inquiries from
     these countries too,we can supply you.

  • Please send us your inquiry with all the details.As per the details of your inquiry,let's answer you
     in a short time which is possible.

We can supply the following goods from turkish factories in Turkey.

  1. Ferrous Products
    • Deformed Bars (Reinforcement Bars)
    • Wire Rods
    • All Kinds of Sections (Merchant Bars/Long Products)
    • All Kinds of Sheets,Plates and Coils
    • All Kinds of Quality Steels
    • Mill Scale
  2. Non-Ferrous Products
    • Aluminium and Copper Sections
    • Aluminium,Copper and Brass Sheets and Coils
    • Aluminium Wire Rods
    • Copper Wire Rods
  3. Ductile and Cast Products
  4. Cement (CEM I and CEM II and Others)
  5. Marble
  6. Compression Fittings for Polyethylene Roll Pipes
  7. Air Springs
  8. Cookies and Chocolates
  9. Agricultural Products (Foods)
  10. Textile Products and Shoes

We need the following goods for turkish factories we work together.

  1. All Kinds of Scraps (Raw Materials)
    • Copper Scrap
    • Aluminium Scrap
    • HMS 1&2
    • Used Rail
    • Pig Iron
    • HBI
  2. Ferroalloys
    • FerroSilicoManganese
    • FerroSilicon
    • FerroVanadium
    • FerroMolybdenium
    • FerroBoron
    • Casi Cored Wire
    • Fluoride
  3. Steel Billet
  4. Aluminium
    • Ingots
    • Steel Coated
    • Granular
  5. Bearings
  6. Copper Moulds
  7. Machinery and Spare Parts
    • Steel Mill Group
    • Rolling Mill Group
    • Port Facilities Group
  8. Gold Dore Bars

We can supply the following goods from abroad through our partner wellknown by us.

  1. Urea
  2. Cement
  3. Refined Sugar
  4. Raw Sugar
  5. Wheat
  6. Rice
  7. Soyabean/Meal/Oil
  8. Sunflower Oil
  9. Milk Powder
  10. Yellow Corn

Factories in Turkey accept the following payment terms generally.

  1. Cash Against Goods
  2. Cash Against Documents
  3. Under Insurance Payment Guarantee
  4. DLC,but payment when the goods arrives at the destination port.

Our partner who supplies goods from abroad works with the following payment terms.

  1. LC 100% at sight
  2. Cash 40% in advance and 60% against the copy of BL
  3. BG